The Master-Bait Co.
Who we are and what we really do

The MASTER-BAIT CO. was actually first established in 1983 as a "hobby-outlet" from the pressures of everyday business life. The first lures I made were simple but effective, and I began giving them away to fishing buddies as well as strangers I'd meet on the lake fishing. These folks were kind enough to give me feedback and I applied many of their ideas.

Over the years I experimented with combining different components to eventually create a whole design. It is a well known fact that fish react to both "sight" and "sound" (or vibration) stimuli...but they react diferrently under various conditions. I discovered that rather than changing baits (often time consuming), subtle changes to the lure itself were generally just as effective. So I developed a line of lure itself were generally just as effective. You will note that our lures are unique to anything you've seen before... They are just as unique to fish!

So, how'd we come up with the name? ...Simply and purely for FUN!

After all...."ALL Our Jobs Are Done By Hand"!